Nano-Lok Edge: Live on the Edge with Confidence

Nano-Lok Edge: Live on the Edge with Confidence

You work on the edge without fear. And ​we respect that. But there are dangers your current equipment doesn’t cover — or even causes. Nano-Lok™ edge changes that. The rugged Nano-Lok Edge Self-Retracting Lifeline is expertly designed for foot level tie-off(…)

You’re Gonna Want This Tower Rescue Tool

An emergency tower rescue can be an intimidating experience to say the least. Workers need to feel like they are equipped with the safety equipment they need to get others down safely if an emergency happens. The new Rollgliss Pick-Off Strap from(…)

If it’s In Stock there — it’s In Stock Here.

If it’s In Stock there — it’s In Stock Here.

One of the unsung programs we’ve had around Accuform Signs for a long time is called If it’s In Stock there — it’s In Stock Here. Let me give you a quick overview — it’s really simple. If another manufacturer(…)

Rooftop Safety from Capital

  Capital Safety is routinely creating cutting edge fall protection tools. They’ve developed an impressive array of commerical “Tip-Over” Roof Top Anchors to keep workers safe on a wide range of roof types and materials. Capital has several of these innovative(…)

You’ll Want to Wear the New Eyewear from Honeywell

Three distinctly different styles of Uvex safety glasses from Honeywell have one thing in common, they all have a really cool look. The fact that there are three to choose from just makes it tougher to decide which ones to(…)

FR Coveralls with 80 Years of Experience Behind Them

National Safety Apparel has been in the business of protective clothing for a long time, nearly 80 years as a matter of fact. Those eight decades have helped NSA hone its skills when it comes to creating high-quality workwear that(…)

The Rig Dog is a Big Dog in the Oil and Gas Industry

Reliable hand protection for oil and gas industry workers isn’t easy to find. Gloves for the tough conditions found on the oil fields need to be rugged, comfortable and able to offer extreme protection. Well, Honeywell has created gloves that(…)