No Canaries Needed: Gas Detection from BW Technologies is More Reliable

No Canaries Needed: Gas Detection from BW Technologies is More Reliable

Gas detection isn’t something to mess around with. Workers trust their gas detectors with their lives, and that’s why it’s important to make sure your gas detection comes from a trusted brand. BW Technologies by Honeywell certainly fits the bill.(…)

Breaking News for Electrical Safety in the Workplace

There are some big changes happening in the 2015 Edition of the NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, and you can study the new standard in detail as of this week. The 2015 standard is now available(…)

Energized for Safety Open House and VIP Picnic

Energized for Safety Open House and VIP Picnic

  CLICK HERE TO R.S.V.P. ENJOY THE DAY With ENSA, MALLORY and NW-ITC. ENSA, a division of Mallory Safety & Supply, along with NW-ITC (Northwest Industrial Training Center) have teamed up to bring you an action-packed day at ENSA´s newest(…)

How MSA Just Made Hard Hats Better

Groundbreaking innovations in hard hats don’t come along very often. The latest product development from MSA may not necessarily revolutionize the head protection industry, but it just might make a lot of workers more comfortable. The Fas-Trac III is a(…)

Exciting New FR Stuff from Ergodyne

Ergodyne had a pretty big announcement in early April. The innovators in personal protective gear are expanding their awesome CORE Performance Work Wear line to include the addition of several new pieces of flame-resistant apparel. You can bet that the(…)

How to Be Comfortable in a Full Body Harness

We feel for the folks that spend their days working high above the rest of us, strapped into uncomfortable fall protection harnesses. Miller apparently does too, because the company puts plenty of effort and thought into designing harnesses that are(…)

NSC Video Channel – You Can Save A Life

NSC Video Channel – You Can Save A Life

MSA Goes Green with the New V-Gard Hard Hat

MSA has created V-Gard GREEN, the world’s first hard hat made from renewable resources. First, let’s answer the big question. YES, the V-Gard GREEN is SEI certified as Type I, Class E (ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009) and meets CSA Z94.1-2005. This means(…)

ENSA Trains BP on New Mobile Tower

ENSA, a Work-at-Height Safety Rescue Training division of Mallory Safety & Supply is finishing up their most comprehensive rescue training course called VERT at Fowler Wind Farm, Fowler Indiana. A 10-day course, VERT (Vertical Emergency Response Team) training includes all(…)

Ergonomics: This Week’s Theme for National Safety Month

Ergonomics is one of those workplace safety concerns that isn’t always easily understood. It can be difficult to comprehend because it applies to a wide range of concerns and PPE. The best definition that we’ve seen is courtesy of the(…)