How to Be Comfortable in a Full Body Harness

Miller by Honeywell logoWe feel for the folks that spend their days working high above the rest of us, strapped into uncomfortable fall protection harnesses. Miller apparently does too, because the company puts plenty of effort and thought into designing harnesses that are comfortable and effective.

The latest from Miller is a prime example. The AirCore Harness is lightweight and features open-core padding, which is extremely breathable and provides optimal air flow. These factors reduce heat and moisture and keep workers dry and cool. This open-core design reduces the surface area that comes into contact with the wearer by up to 16%.

AirCore Harness

The AirCore Harness

This isn’t all. There are plenty of other features that Miller includes to ensure that workers are compliant and comfortable.

  • Contoured padding reduces chafing and irritation
  • Patented DuraFlex webbing is stretchable and flexible
  • Cam buckles for easy one-hand adjustment
  • Quick-connect buckles for easy donning
  • Stand-up back D-ring makes attachment easier
  • D-rings are available made of durable steel or extremely lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum

All of these innovative features create a full body harness that’s ideal for use by those that have to wear one all day long. Miller has thought the design process through, and developed fall protection with the worker in mind.