Tools Meet Technology with the Proto RFID Tool Drawer

Black Tool DrawerRFID technology makes tool storage and organization as easy as it’s ever been. The Proto rfidDrawer helps you manage tool inventory without paperwork, manual tracking or constant headaches.

In the simplest terms, the rfidDrawer is a 215-unit tool chest (53-1/8″H x 31″D) complete with casters for easy mobility. But it’s no standard tool drawer. It comes with 15 employee badges, and each of the 215 ProtoID hand tools and accessories is embedded with an RFID chip (there are also 15 RFID hang tags which can be used with existing tools).

Authorized users swipe their badge to access the cabinet. When the user removes a tool and closes the drawer, the system records the transaction. A manager can then keep track of what tools have been removed and who is responsible for each one. When tools are returned the system updates to show that the tool has been placed back in the drawer.

Automation just makes sense when it comes to tracking tool inventory. See exactly how it’s done.