ENSA Trains BP on New Mobile Tower

ENSA, a Work-at-Height Safety Rescue Training division of Mallory Safety & Supply is finishing up their most comprehensive rescue training course called VERT at Fowler Wind Farm, Fowler Indiana. A 10-day course, VERT (Vertical Emergency Response Team) training includes all advanced competencies for a Wind Technician.

October 17, Fowler Wind Farm ENSA Mobile Training Tower

October 17, Fowler Wind Farm
ENSA Mobile Training Tower

– Incident Command
– Advanced First aid and CPR Training
– Rope Access
– APE Rescue Training
– Confined Space
– Advanced Techniques of Rescue and Pick-off

VERT has been adopted by VESTAS and BP with an elite team to be response-ready at the Fowler Wind Farms. This team of exceptional technician’s have advanced their professional status in safety and rescue.
VERT requires a yearly re-certification and is considered the best in the industry.

Designed by Rob Siegel, Director of Operations VERT sets the standards for Wind and Rescue.

During the VERT training ENSA rolled out their new Mobile Training Tower. Having this tower right on the job site proved to be an incredible asset for the VERT Training Team. Valuable time was saved by having the tower right outside the training facility. No time lost in gathering the group and heading to a turbine for scenarios. In a few minutes the guys were up tower and in simulations, including challenging confined space rescue scenarios.

Another observation of the tower was the ability to see all the techs at one time in an open environment. The trainer could walk 360 degrees around the tower and see simultaneous training exercises with instructor /tech interaction.

The mobile tower is ready to roll and currently being utilized in the Midwest. Within 500 miles we can be on job-site and setup within 1 hour upon arrival. “It saves on travel, keeps my guys focused on the training and is available for instant scenarios without having to travel to a tower location. I really like the convenience and cost-savings of not having my guys gone from home. It is a no brainer” says BP Fowler Farm Wind Manager.

Additionally ENSA trained on the new – APE Systems. Assisted-rescue Personal Evacuation

Students were given the APE both the escAPE and the D2 and learned how to complete a self-rescue and a pick-off utilizing skills learned from Steve Brown, Lead Instructor and Rob Siegel, Ops Manager and Instructor Trainer. Feedback, we love the APE. Lightweight, easy to use, versatile, love the descent. All positive feedback. “How soon can we get this system?” says Lead Tech at BP.

Seems the guys are going APE for the APE. Next they will want a shirt
“I went APE Shirt” for the APE.

For information on APE Systems and Training and to Book the ENSA Mobile Safety Training Tower, contact ENSA