ENSA Wins Best of Show at NATE Conference!

National Association of Tower Erectors taught by ENSA

Our second year at NATE and ENSA takes the prize for BEST OF SHOW in the 10 x 20′ Exhibit Booth Category at the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) – Telecom Show.

The announcement came over the loud speaker that ENSA has won “something”. Kellie Hoffmeister grabbed Rob Siegel and ran to the center of the hall. Not knowing what they had won, Kellie and Rob went up on stage to learn as the trophy was being handed to them. BEST OF SHOW.

” I was so excited”, I had no idea about this contest much less it was a Huge Deal to win at the NATE Conference, I was completely taken by surprised and quite honestly just so very happy and smiling ear-to-ear., says Kellie. Rob Siegel, Director of Operations was equally surprised and very happy about the outcome. “Well, there is no doubt people know about ENSA in TELECOM now. After all, our slogan this year was “We Are Telecom”, Kellie said to own the space and we literally owned or won the space.

ENSA made great contacts, wonderful new friends and long lasting business relationships at this conference. There is no doubt that ENSA is TELECOM.

ENSA teaches Telecom Courses under the NATE Criteria for Authorized Climber, Competent Climber, Competent Rescurer. See courses here.

ENSA Showcased the HARKEN Electric Work Seat and the ENSA APE Micro-Rescue System (Assisted-Rescue Personal Evacuation).

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