ENSA – Why We Do What We Do


During Rob Siegel’s ENSA Telecom Training at our new CIP Partner’ Location in Kansas City, MO a very special event happened.

Note of Appreciation along with Power Snacks

The guys came down tower to find on the tailgate of their truck a Note of Appreciation along with Power Snacks chosen with care and appreciation just for our guys.

As you read the letter you immediately have a sense of pride for why Rob and his team do what they do. Bringing the climber home safely, back to their family, every night. That’s it.


ENSA provides exceptional training, under the leadership of Rob. He reminds us all why Safety is our foremost objective in all that we do. Why we teach the way we do, the attitude of all our instructors and team members, and being part of a larger Safety Company keeps our priorities in line with “Safety First”.

The guys came down tower, had snacks waiting and an incredible note of appreciation that simply made our year.

Thank you to the anonymous “Snack Angel” – Be Safe and may the ENSA Protective Angels watch over your husband and family.