Exciting New FR Stuff from Ergodyne

logoErgodyne had a pretty big announcement in early April. The innovators in personal protective gear are expanding their awesome CORE Performance Work Wear line to include the addition of several new pieces of flame-resistant apparel.

You can bet that the new stuff will be comfortable and breathable. CORE Performance Work Wear FR is made with Tecasafe Plus and PyroSafe.

Two base layer options meet Hazard Risk Category 1, while five outerwear options provide Hazard Risk Category 2 protection. It all meets the FR requirements of ASTM F1506 and the outerwear options are certified to NFPA 2112. Each apparel piece includes a convenient FR Tech Tag that details compliance standards, classifications and proper laundering.


7425 Crew Neck Long Sleeve

“We are firm believers that FR clothing doesn’t have to uncomfortable, smelly, hot or boring,” said Ergodyne president and CEO Tom Votel in a recent press release. “Because of these principles, we couldn’t be more proud (to launch) our new line of FR apparel. (It is) made from the best fabric technologies on the planet with exceptional performance-enhancing designs and some swagger to boot, our new flame-squelching gear provides dual-certified protection while looking and feeling great.”

There are plenty of new apparel choices in the CORE Performance Work Wear FR line. Several options let workers wear the apparel in a variety of conditions and applications. Here’s what Ergodyne has to offer:

  • 7415 Base Layer Long Sleeve Shirt
  • 7470 Base Layer Shorts
  • 7425 Crew Neck Long Sleeve Shirt
  • 7430 Henley Long Sleeve Shirt
  • 7440 Hooded Fleece Pullover Sweatshirt
  • 7445 Hooded Fleece Pullover Sweatshirt
  • 7490 Unlined Coveralls

The new line of flame-resistant apparel isn’t quite ready to order. But Ergodyne plans to make the cool stuff available by April 30.