Extreme Jobs Require This Kind of Eye Protection

Black Livewire FrameDust, soot, dirt. Painful little nuisances that can be extremely irritating or, at worst, cause vision issues that can be a safety hazard.

Uvex Livewire Sealed Eyewear keeps dust away from the eyes. It’s extreme eyewear intended for the most extreme conditions—think oil and gas, mining applications, heavy construction. Uvex didn’t just guess when they created Livewire Eyewear. Nope, they asked real workers who have to deal with brutal conditions every day.

Here are some of the features that they came up with:

  • Comfortable foam subframe fits securely around the eyes
  • Upper and side channels for maximum venting
  • Uvextreme Plus lens coating provides excellent anti-fog performance and rugged scratch resistance
  • Ratcheting temples adjust lens angle by up to 15 degrees
  • Optional cloth headband can be used in the toughest environments to hold the eyewear securely on the face

It’s pretty obvious just by looking at Livewire Eyewear that it’s built for extremes. Put it to the test. Your eyes will thank you.


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