Why Eyelation is the Coolest Thing to Happen to Eyewear Since Contact Lenses

Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 12.55.44 PMPrescription Safety Eyewear just got extremely easy to order. Honeywell Eyelation lets workers order their prescription safety glasses in three easy steps, without having to leave the premises or see an eye doctor.

It all centers around the convenient and easy to use Eyelation kiosk. Workers use the kiosk to take a photo of themselves, scan their prescription and then order from a wide range of safety glasses.


Eyelation Kiosk

The best part is the “virtual try-on” feautre, which lets the user see exactly what the glasses will look like on their face before they place an order. A screen on the kiosk lets each worker place different kinds of frames over an image of their face. This helps users see exactly how each style of safety eyewear fits the face.

Ordering is extremely easy, and payment for prescription safety eyewear can be made directly from the Eyelation kiosk, whether the safety glasses are being paid with an employee’s credit card or through a payroll deduction.

Sometimes, a lack of convenience makes it tough for workers to get the exact PPE that they need to help ensure a safety workplace. Honeywell has certainly made the process easy when it comes to prescription safety eyewear.

See how Eyelation works.