Heat Stress Prevention Resources – Water • Rest • Shade

WaterRestShade-card‘Tis the season to worry about heat stress prevention and Mallory Safety & Supply is ready with great tools and information to keep your employees safe.

The temperature is heating up, the job site is getting warmer, and the dangers of overheating are increasing. Be aware that risk levels increase greatly when the heat index reaches 91 degrees.

Summer outdoor work offers plenty of challenges, but thankfully there are a ton of safety products devoted solely to the health and safety of outdoor workers on a hot work site. And there are countless resources to help you deal with the hazards that the hot weather has to offer.

  • OSHA has a comprehensive section on its website devoted to the Prevention of Occupational Heat Exposure. It features short tips in the areas of Engineering Controls, Work Practices, PPE and Training. OSHA also includes the Water•Rest•Shade campaign, and downloadable Heat Stress Resources for your employees.
  • NIOSH has a large portion of the website devoted to Heat Stress. NIOSH also offers a convenient Fast Facts sheet that can be conveniently hung up on a work site. Download a PDF of the Fact Sheet here.
  • If you don’t like the official way that government agencies word heat stress tips, check out this excellent article from EHS Today. The first two paragraphs are all it takes to drive home just how important things like cooling, rest and hydration are.
  • The National Weather Service provides an in-depth look at how the heat index works and the dangers exposure to heat can cause. Their approach applies to everyone, not just outdoor workers, and they provide plenty of valuable information.

It doesn’t really matter where you get your info from. A long form white paper or a simple chart are equally informative. Choose the one that works best for you. The important thing is to know how serious the dangers of heat stress can be. Workers and foremen need to be aware that the summer sun and the heat it brings change how you operate on the job site. Staying informed is the best way to beat heat stress.

Ergodyne LogoMallory Safety & Supply features heat stress prevention products from Ergodyne, Occunomix as well as high visibility hydration packs from Vinatronics. Ergodyne has a complete program for heat stress featuring hydration packs (Water), Shax high visibility rest tents  (Rest and Shade) and cooling banadanas, beanies, evaporative cooling vests, sweatbands, wrist sweatbands and neckbands. When it comes to heat stress and protecting your workers, Mallory Safety & Supply has it all.

Vinatronics LogoDon’t forget Gatorade or Sqwincher. Now both are available in handy liquid dispenser bottles for use in a 20-ounce water bottle. Easy to use, easy to store, easy to prevent heat stress.

We make it easy, at Mallory Safety & Supply.