Hi Vis for the Active Worker

Yellow and Black JacketNot that long ago “style” wasn’t a word that you used to describe hi vis apparel. Over the past few years that’s been changing. The latest addition to the stylish high visibility gear category is the Phase 2 Jacket from Tingley.

It makes sense to design hi vis workwear similar to the way athletic outerwear is styled. Outdoor workers are active and they need outerwear that is comfortable and moves with them. That’s what the Phase 2 Jacket is all about. It’s a sleek jacket that’s made from medium weight polyester with a warm black fleece lining. Black on the torso and arms not only hides dirt and grime, but also creates a stylish look. And, the Phase 2 zips into the Tingley Icon outer shell to create an all-season system, which is an added bonus.

Back of a Yellow and Black JacketThe Phase 2 looks cool, but let’s not forget that it also provides ANSI Class 2 protection. Silver reflective glass beaded tape ensures that workers are seen and safe. The medium weight jacket also has four pockets and mic tabs on both shoulders for added convenience.

It’s great to see outerwear designed not only for visibility but also for wearable comfort. There’s enough to worry about on the jobsite. There’s no reason to have to be concerned about bulky and uncomfortable hi vis gear as well.