If it’s In Stock there — it’s In Stock Here.



One of the unsung programs we’ve had around Accuform Signs for a long time is called

If it’s In Stock there — it’s In Stock Here.

Let me give you a quick overview — it’s really simple. If another manufacturer has a sign label or tag in stock… so do we. Even though Accuform has over 45,000 in-stock sign legends ready to ship today — we don’t have them all. But that’s over 70% more than our closest competitor. We didn’t have this one, so our customer contacted us with the company name and part number. We double-checked our nearly 50,000 sign legends — but we didn’t have it. But like I said – if it’s in stock there, it’s in stock here. We made that sign, and we shipped it to the customer within 24 hours — same price as stock.

There you have it… In stock there, means in stock here.

PS — sometime our competitors use lower quality materials —- in these instances, we’ll substitute our better material.