New Bandanas from Ergodyne Take Care of Two Safety Concerns

Ergodyne makes some of the best safety gear on the planet, and they certainly know what they’re doing. The latest creation from Ergodyne is a line of bandanas that offer two levels of protection–they are both flame-resistant and they provide evaporative cooling.

Flame Resistance

  • The modacrylic/cotton blend meets ASTM F2302 criteria for flame resistance, and has an arc rating of 7.1 cal/cm, which meets Hazard Risk Category 1. That’s some serious protection from fire.

Cooling Properties

  • Activated polymers in the fabric stay cool for hours. All it takes to activate the cooling power of the bandana is to soak it water from 2 to 5 minutes. The bandana is reusable and stays hydrated for up to four hours. 
Yellow Bandana

Tie-Back Bandana

Protection like this is ideal for outdoor workers who are exposed to the hazards posed by flame and electric arc and must endure hot working conditions and avoid the threat of heat stress. And it comes in three different styles. There’s a tie-back 6700FR style, a hook-and-loop 6705FR design, and the 6710FR triangle hat style for complete coverage. When it comes to trusted personal safety items, it’s hard to beat Ergodyne. They understand what workers need and they make it available.