NSA Takes a New Approach for FR Coats

Gray flame resistant coatNSA makes quality flame-resistant clothing. Their latest product in the FR apparel market is no exception. The newest from NSA is the pretty cool Stealth protective coats and shirts.

Stealth apparel is made from silicone-coated fabric. This material is unbelievably effective against molten metal, radiant heat, and petrochemicals. And it’s almost 60 percent lighter than leather or other high-heat protective materials. It’s also extremely flexible, which enhances comfort and limits overexertion. An added bonus is the fact that the material is inherently flame resistant, so the FR properties of the apparel will never diminish over time or after several washings.

A deluxe version of the Stealth apparel line features an UltraSoft ventilated back for added breathability, and a silver reflective tape for enhanced visibility.

Technology is constantly improving the effectiveness of flame resistant coats and FR apparel. And improvements are certainly welcomed when it comes to FR gear. The risk of flame and high heat are frightening for any worker. It’s good to know that they can have some peace of mind when they put on their coat or FR work shirt before heading to work.