Cardiac Science – AED’s for Law Enforcement – How to Budget and Buy.

Mallory Public Safety, a division of Mallory Safety & Supply makes buying an AED easy with the US Communities Contract. Cardiac Science understands: Budget constraints and state tax reforms can delay funds for AED deployments. So many initiatives require funding.(…)

ENSA Trains BP on New Mobile Tower

ENSA, a Work-at-Height Safety Rescue Training division of Mallory Safety & Supply is finishing up their most comprehensive rescue training course called VERT at Fowler Wind Farm, Fowler Indiana. A 10-day course, VERT (Vertical Emergency Response Team) training includes all(…)

Tecasafe Plus® Arc-Flash Protection Solutions By Mallory Safety & Supply

Tecasafe Plus® Arc-Flash Protection Solutions By Mallory Safety & Supply

Mallory Safety & Supply, Energized for Safety. Tecasafe is a superior product when it comes to an inherently FR fabric. See for yourself why this advanced engineered material is the changing the minds of safety professionals across the country. Mallory(…)

Things We Like: ProPac’s Emergency Response Equipment

We’re proud to say that ProPac equipment is now available through Mallory Safety & Supply, a proud supplier partner of the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance. ProPac has a wide range of emergency response equipment for really about any need(…)

Don’t Forget Fireworks Safety

Don’t Forget Fireworks Safety

At Mallory Safety & Supply, our job is to help keep workers safe when they’re on the jobsite. But, we’re also concerned with safety when workers are home. During this long Fourth of July weekend, safety at home takes center(…)

Ergonomics: This Week’s Theme for National Safety Month

Ergonomics is one of those workplace safety concerns that isn’t always easily understood. It can be difficult to comprehend because it applies to a wide range of concerns and PPE. The best definition that we’ve seen is courtesy of the(…)

Mallory Public Safety is Now On Facebook

Mallory Safety & Supply thinks that it’s vital that we share our knowledge of the safety industry, and the latest safety news. When it comes to safety, information really is power. Check out the new Mallory Public Safety page on(…)

Wellness is This Week’s Theme of National Safety Month

Wellness is This Week’s Theme of National Safety Month

Employee wellness is a popular topic of conversation at the workplace. The week 2 theme of National Safety Month focuses on wellness and is a great chance for workers to and managers to look into ways to make health a(…)