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Ergodyne Adds “Dry” to Evaporative Cooling Vests

One of the biggest problems with evaporative cooling vests is that they can feel damp. The risk of heat stress isn’t any fun, but wearing a cooling vest that’s soggy and uncomfortable isn’t a good way to spend the workday(…)

Heat Stress Prevention Resources – Water • Rest • Shade

Heat Stress Prevention Resources – Water • Rest • Shade

‘Tis the season to worry about heat stress prevention and Mallory Safety & Supply is ready with great tools and information to keep your employees safe. The temperature is heating up, the job site is getting warmer, and the dangers(…)

It’s Much Cooler in the Shade with SHAX by Ergodyne

OSHA provides a great reminder of how to prevent heat stress with its “water, rest and shade” catchphrase. And often on a summer jobsite, the “shade” portion is tough to come by (you don’t see a lot of trees on(…)