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Success Stories from ENSA – Experts in Vertical Height Training

ENSA Training Services a division of Mallory Safety & Supply just implemented a New training course designed and written by Rob Siegel, Director of Training. The course name is Competent Climber, Competent Rescuer and is a 3 day telecom specific training course. The course was first taught the week of April 4th, 2013 by Barry Morris at B & D Telecommunications location. Barry passed along great feedback as to the value of this course.

Lead or Sr. Tech who was previously a trainer at ENSA’s competition, Comtrain commented that the training received by ENSA was the best he ever had. The training went so well and was so comprehensive that he is running all his guys through ENSA training moving forward.

Because this customer was also a trainer, having feedback like this clearly puts ENSA on a level of expertise and competence that others cannot provide. ENSA, leaders in Vertical Height Rescue Training not only services the Telecom and Wind industries, but has competencies and experience in industrial and construction applications. When you think of what ENSA does, just think extreme rope guys. Anywhere the hazard is vertical, a bridge, inside a steel mill (look up, those vats are way up high), cat walks, on top of large capacity storage tanks, window washing, or even tree trimmers, ENSA is there.

ENSA recently booked two new companies discovered at the Oregon GOSH show in March. Walking into the booth and watching Rob all rigged up in his gear was very intriguing. The curiosity of what ENSA’s does drew in Service Master, a very large company that manages and maintains thousands of buildings throughout the U.S. They wash windows, lots of them. The week of April 8th, ENSA Training rigged up the Portland warehouse for Rope Access Training. Included in that training is Service Master. Another new client from the GOSH show was our tree trimming company. Not your average tree trimmers. These guys hang off the side of cliffs where electrical lines are strung. Talk about extreme tree climbers.

So next time you are looking to cross-sell Mallory Safety Training Services – Look Up? Vertical Height Rescue is all around you, in places you might never expect.

Written by:

Kellie Hoffmeister