You’re Gonna Want This Tower Rescue Tool

Blue Capital Safety LogoAn emergency tower rescue can be an intimidating experience to say the least. Workers need to feel like they are equipped with the safety equipment they need to get others down safely if an emergency happens.

The new Rollgliss Pick-Off Strap from Capital Safety is so easy to carry that you’ll barely notice the times you’re not using it. But if you ever need it, you’ll be extremely glad that it’s part of your fall protection gear. The 4′ web strap lets a rescuer easily connect to a victim and lift them off of their fall arrestor. It can be used to position a victim for rappel-based pick-off, assisted rappel or lowering.

Two workers and a Rollgliss Pick-Off Strap

Blue Rollgliss Pick-Off StrapAn important tool like the Rollgliss Pick-Off Strap needs to be durable to ensure safety, and this one certainly is. It is made from a heat-resistant 1-3/4″ web strap with a built-in web loop. It boasts a slip load of 3,500 to 4,500 lbs. The strap uses an integrated hook-and-loop keeper which allows for easy storage and makes it extremely easy to deploy when needed.

Safety on any tower is a serious concern. Capital Safety’s Rollgliss Pick-Off Strap makes any tower or climbing situation a little bit safer, and gives workers important peace of mind.